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Flooding events are occurring more often and with more incredible velocity than ever before.

Owners must take action on preventative measures to protect buildings and infrastructure so their business or mission can continue. Facility leaders and analysts have reported that owners can save $10 dollars in avoidance for every $1 dollar spent on increased flood mitigation strategies.

HighWater™ uses a proprietary system to analyze, model, and mitigate flood impacts on campus, buildings, or infrastructure assets. Get the free quick guide and learn how our team of facilities experts can support you.

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Security Blog: Don't Ignore Your Risks. Manage Them

What types of threats should your organization be aware of and what are the potential impacts of not reducing your risk?

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Innovative Solutions for Managing Risk Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Rick Fernandez is joined by Jennifer Holcomb, senior technical expert, and developer of R-SHIELD™, and J. Kelly Stewart, founder and Chief Security Strategist of Newcastle Consulting, where they discuss R-SHIELD™ and how Anser Advisory can help keep your facility secure, where to start when looking into security for your school or institution, and some fun security stories from our guests!

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R-SHIELD™ Security Solution

With R-SHIELD™, our security subject matter experts provide a comprehensive solution to support you from assessment to execution. Partnered with ARES Security, our proprietary methodology offers immediate returns and improvements on existing or future systems.

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R-SHIELD™ Product Guide

Check out this product guide to learn how R-SHIELD™ can help your business mitigate risk and improve its security posture.

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